Hunkar Data and Barcode Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Hunkar Technologies, Inc., is a nationally recognized solutions expert and industry leader in data collection applications, label media, mobile computing systems, and bar code technology.

We have extensive experience in developing systems which help firms reduce and manage inventory, automate production lines, and add efficiency to any business process. Hunkar mobile data collection and field service solutions enhance productivity for manufacturing, logistics and order-based businesses.

Hunkar combines advanced technologies with experience and knowledge. Our technical and management team consists of highly skilled, certified professionals, with decades of experience in data collection, bar coding, as well as business process management. Consequently, we are routinely successful at solving unique and complex business problems for our clients, no matter what type of technology solution is required. 

At Hunkar Data and Barcode Systems, we help our clients solve problems, improve business processes, decrease costs, and provide solutions to allow them to better compete in a competitive world.

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  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumer Products
  • Transportation
  • Frozen Foods
  • Military/Fovernment/Aerospace
  • Electronic
  • Medical/Hospital
  • Food Packaging
  • Railroad/Intermodal
  • Entertainment
  • Industrial Machinery